If your model has already been printed and you’ve removed it from the platform, at first you have to remove all the unnecessary elements – the raft and the support – before following the available post-processing procedures: spackling, gluing, painting or acetone vaporizing method. Learn more about those methods in Designing & Post-processing category.


Removing the Support, part 1

  • Use pliers to remove the support structure from your print.
  • Use scalpel to remove the remaining support from your model.

Smoothing Down the Surface

If the residues are difficult to remove, use a grinder to smooth down the surface of the model.


Removing the Support, part 2

If there are any holes in your print, remove the support from them using a drill or a drill-driver.


Polishing the Surface

Smooth down the surface of your print with sandpaper. Use sandpaper with 80 grit to even all the imperfections. Use sandpaper with 160 grit to make sanding lines less visible.

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