The elements of the headphones stand require joining before priming and painting. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to do it and how to process the cracks that appear while connecting individual parts. Welcome to the second episode of our post-processing workshops!

The .stl files are available for download here: headphones and a headphone stand.

Be sure to check out the previous episode where we discussed Z-SUITE preparations and removing the support structures: Episode 01


Necessary Tools


To smooth down and join the elements of the model, you’ll need: an electric drill with drills/drill bits or a screwdriver with screws, 320 grit sandpaper, spackling paste, a spatula, a piece of cardboard, and a can of compressed air.


Smoothing the Elements

Use sandpaper to smooth down the whole model. Dust it off if needed.


Joining the Elements


Select the right screws for the holes in the model. The screws cannot be too small because they won’t fit into the holes tightly or too big as they may break the model.

Connect the elements of the headphones stand with a screwdriver or an electric drill.

Remember to tighten the screws evenly so that the edges of different parts of the model adhere closely to one another.

Spreading the Paste

Now it’s time to apply the spackling paste to the cracks that appeared in the process of joining the elements of the model. Mix the paste with the curing agent you should find in the package and spread it properly.

The paste cures very quickly. Remember that there is little time to fill the cracks.

Leaving the Elements to Dry


Leave the elements to dry for about 15 minutes at room temperature. Use sandpaper again to remove the excess of cured paste and clean the model with compressed air.

EPISODE 03 CAN BE FOUND HERE: Sanding and Priming the Model

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