Welcome to the third episode of our post-processing workshops. Today you’ll learn how to prepare your model for priming and apply the primer onto its whole surface correctly. First of all, secure the work area with paper or foil as it may get a little messy later.

Be sure to check out the previous episode where we showed how to assemble the headphone stand: Episode 02.

The .stl files are available for download here: headphones and a headphone stand.


Necessary Tools


You’ll need a face cover mask, sandpaper, a can of compressed air, a primer, and a rack that will allow you to hold the model still.

Our rack is handmade from a few pieces of wood screwed together.


Sanding the Model

Take time to smooth all the elements of your model thoroughly.

Use sandpaper of 320 grit. Finer one will leave scratches on the surface of the model and such imperfections will be visible, even under a layer of paint.

Once you’re done, dust the model off with compressed air.


Setting the Model on the Rack

Set your model firmly on the rack with a piece of adhesive tape. The model shouldn’t move and it has to be easily accessible from any side.


Priming the Model

Shake the can well for three minutes and begin to apply the primer onto the hard-to-reach areas and then onto the whole model.

At first, apply two thin layers. Wait about three minutes and apply two more.

While spraying, the can should be held 25-30cm away from the model.
Put the mask on for safety before you start priming!

Leaving the Model to Dry


Leave the elements to dry for about 20 minutes at room temperature.

EPISODE 04 CAN BE FOUND HERE: Wet Sanding the Model

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