The Print Speed Adjustments is a firmware tool that allows you to accelerate the printing process, and as a result, significantly reduce the time needed to print a given model. Depending on the model’s geometry, quality of print may decrease. However, the print speed can be changed on the spot, even during the printing process, so parts that need to be detailed can be printed at the standard speed. As a result, you can easily control the speed of printing and the level of details of your models.


Speed Adjustments before the Printing Process




Speed Adjustments during the Printing Process



Is the print speed the same for each M-series printer?

No, it is not, which means that each device will achieve different acceleration values and printing speeds.

Are you considering implementing the Print Speed Adjustments feature for standard materials (e.g. ABS, Z-Ultrat) on Endureal?

At this point, this feature will only be available for selected desktop devices. If we decide to implement it on other machines, we will keep you informed.

Can the Print Speed Adjustments option be used when printing on a glass platform?

When printing on a glass platform, we use the “raftless” mode, which, unfortunately, will not work well with fast printing. Therefore, we recommend using only the perforated plate when using the Print Speed Adjustments option.

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