This part of the Z-SUITE 2 manual shows how to add support structures to models in the FDM and UV LCD technology. There are two support types in both technologies: automatic and editable. See the instructions below for details. The remaining parts of the manual are available at: Basic Features, Working with Models, Print Preparation, Tips & Tricks.


Support Adjustments (FDM)

If you decide to add support manually, there are four types to choose from: POINT, SURFACE, SINGLE SURFACE and AREA.

Point – you can add a support block at any selected place of a model. It is also possible to increase a block’s size with the Size option,
Surface – creates a support block for the whole slope or any flat surface in a model,
Single surface – adds a support block to any single overhanging layer in a model,
Area – adds a support block for a selected range of overhanging layers in a model. This type can be enlarged to surrounding layers with the Size option. It is particularly recommended for figurines and models with organic shapes.

The Offset option (available for Surface, Single surface and Area type) enlarges the support structure, making it easier to remove. Support offset is useful when Z-SUITE generates the support in hard-to-reach areas, for example, holes and gaps.

Choose the support type and click on a selected place on your model to add the support. You can mix all support types and use them multiple times for one model.

After you add the support structures manually and decide that they are unnecessary or placed in the wrong spot, you can delete them all at once or individually.


Advanced Support Settings

In the Advanced print settings menu for both Automatic and Editable support, you can also enable/disable smart bridges (see a Tips&Tricks article for more details) and enable/disable support LITE which is printed with a smaller amount of material, but is slightly weaker than the regular support.

There two additional options in this menu:
XY GAP – allows you to set a gap between the block of support and the model in the XY plane. This will make it easier for you to remove supports from the model once the printing process is finished.
DENSITY – allows you to set the spacing between paths of infill in blocks of support. Once you decrease the spacing, blocks of support will be more stable, but once you increase the spacing, the printer will use less material to print support.


Support Adjustments (UV LCD)

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