Proper model orientation increases the success of your 3D prints. The recently developed Rotation Optimization tool allows finding the best position of your models on the platform in relation to one of available criteria: minimal support area, minimal support volume, maximal platform contact, and minimal z height. Each criterion helps you achieve different results and improve the efficiency of 3D printing in a different way. The criteria depend on the printing technology and the Zortrax printer you’re going to use. You can either focus on better surface quality of models, reduce material usage, optimize the number of needed support structures, or speed up the printing process. Z-SUITE is able to find the most optimal position according to your chosen parameter or needs for a given model.

In the Model step click Rotation Optimization in the toolbar on the left. Choose the angle at which the program will add support structures (in the Print Settings step), and click Search. Z-SUITE will provide several positions from which you have to choose one. Once you select it, the program will rotate the model accordingly.





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