If you want to make your model more attractive and print it in several colors, you have plan a pause in Z-SUITE while preparing the model for the print. The pause will give you the time and opportunity to change the material. This manual shows how to set a pause during the print.


Adding the Model

Open Z-SUITE and select the printer you are going to use, and add the model you want to print.


Arranging the Model in the Workspace


Determine the size of the model and its position in the workspace.


Preparing the Model to Print


Set the printing parameters and click PREVIEW.


Setting a Pause

The PAUSE option divides the print into stages and allows you to hold the printing process in order to change the material.
To plan a pause, move the slider onto a desired layer.
-the INSERT option allows to set the pause in a chosen place. You can use this option several times in order to plan multiple pauses during one print,
-the REMOVE option allows to remove a pause,
-the REMOVE ALL -option allows to remove all pauses.


Saving the .zcode

Save your .zcode (with pauses) on a hard drive or directly on the SD card/USB drive – click Export file.


Starting the Print


Start the printing process.


Changing the Material


Once the printing pauses, click Change the material and replace the spool with a new one (in a different color).


Resuming the Print


Once you’ve changed the material, click Resume the print and wait until the end of the print.

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