This episode is dedicated to molding. It is a popular manufacturing technique which involves using a printed mold to make a cast of another object. We’ll show you how to create a rubber handle with a previously 3D printed mold.

You have to print two parts: a mold which will contain the elastomer and a bolt that will help you make the handle empty inside. If you want to use our projects, they are available for download here. We used Z-HIPS to print both parts.

Check out the previous episode where we showed how to harden a print with resin and glass mat. It’s available here.


Necessary Tools


Prepare a silicone spray, a can of rubber elastomer which should come with a catalyst, and a small container to mix the ingredients.


Spraying the Mold


Spray some silicone on the inside of the mold to make sure the rubber elastomer won’t stick to it and the handle will be easily removable.


Joining the Mold

Join the parts of the mold and screw them together using wrenches.


Mixing the Ingredients

Add 25 g of the catalyst to a 100 g of the rubber and mix both ingredients.


Filling the Mold

Pour the substance in until it fills the mold completely.


Inserting the Bolt

Spray some silicone onto the bolt and then put it slowly into the substance. Leave the whole construction to dry for at least 24 hours.


Opening the Mold

Once it has dried up, unscrew the mold carefully. Watch out not to damage the handle inside. You may pry it open if there’s a need.


Final Outcome

Your elastic handle is now ready.

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