When using the Apoller, you can either place 3D printed models on the glass platform or suspend them on the hooks assembled in the grid in the upper part of the chamber. Before following the second method for the smoothing process, you have to install the grid in the chamber. The machine is delivered with the whole set for suspending models, including the grid and hooks. Follow the steps from this manual to properly install the grid.

Every unit requires an annual inspection conducted by the Zortrax Authorized Service to keep the ATEX certification valid and ensure safe operation of the device.

Placing the Grid in the Chamber


Tilt the metal grid (A) to place it in the chamber (B). Next, adjust the grid so that it is in the upper part of the chamber (C).


Grid Installation; part 1


Slide the grid on the back pins (A) and move it back (B).


Grid Installation; part 2


Move the grid forward (A) so that it is both on the front and back pins (B).


Suspending Models


Once you install the grid in the chamber, use the hooks to suspend your models in the grid.

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