Preparing your device for the first use ensures its proper functioning and makes the whole smoothing process easier. The following steps show how to properly unpack and set up the machine. This article also shows how to add solvent and start the smoothing process. Here you also learn how to install the metal grid used for hanging models intended for smoothing (optional).

Wear protective clothing, gloves and glasses during all procedures.
Only pure acetone and pure butanone (MEK) are supported and safe to use. Using other solvents may be dangerous and should not be attempted. It will also result in voiding the warranty.
Every unit requires an annual inspection conducted by the Zortrax Authorized Service to keep the ATEX certification valid and ensure safe operation of the device.

In the Box


The graphic shows the whole box content.




Firmware Update


Metal Grid Installation (Optional)


Adding the Solvent


Smoothing Process

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