Preparing your printer before the first use is important to ensure proper functioning of the device and making the whole printing process easier. The following steps show how to properly unpack and set up the machine. This article also shows how to install the firmware and software as well as how to carry out the platform calibration procedure.


In the Box


The graphic shows the whole box content.


Preparing the Printer for Work


Open the box and remove the box with side covers. Next, remove the upper cushioning.


Take the 3D printer out of the box. Bearing in mind the printer’s weight (30kg), the M300 should be taken out of the box by two people.

When lifting or moving the printer, do not grab:

  • the belts
  • the shipping clips
  • the extruder

Remove the foil.


Remove the shipping clips.


Remove the foams with accessories.


Lower the heatbed mount by pressing the places marked in the picture.


Install the build platform onto the bolts marked in the picture.

Remember that the platform should be installed in your device with the perforated plate and its five silver calibration squares directed up.

Connect the platform cable.


Attach the extruder cable clamps on the back of the printer. The upper clamp also holds the material guide. Place the extruder cable in the lower clamps.


Connect the extruder cable.


Install the side covers.


Plug in the power cable.


Attach the spool holder.


Attach the material guide.


Place the material spool onto the spool holder. The spool should rotate anti-clockwise. Feed the material into the extruder through the material guide.


Place the printer on a flat and stable surface.


To calibrate the platform, select “Maintenance” and then “Autocalibration” from the menu.
Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


Firmware installation


Download the latest update of firmware at Zortrax Support in the Downloads section.

To install the firmware, copy the Update.bin file to an SD card, insert the card into the printer and turn on the machine.

The firmware updates automatically.


Z-SUITE Installation


The latest Z-SUITE software version can be found at Zortrax Support in the Downloads section.

To install the Z-SUITE software, you need the serial number of your printer. To find this number, go to “Information” option in the menu and choose “Serial Number.”


Loading the Material


Select the “Material” option from the menu. To load the material, select the “Load the material” option.

When the display shows the message “Insert new material,” insert the end of the material into the extruder and push the knob.

When the Zortrax M300 finishes loading the material, the printer is ready to print. Remove the extruded material using tweezers.


First Print


Insert the SD card with the models stored on it into the printer. The models should be saved in the main folder.

To choose the model for printing, select the “Models” option from the main menu.
Select the model in the .zcode format and confirm by pushing the knob.
The printing procedure will begin automatically.
The display will show information about the extruder heating level. Once the heating has been completed, the M300 will start printing. The bar on the display shows the progress of the print.

Do not leave the printer unattended during the pre-print calibration.

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