Preparing your printer for the first use ensures its proper functioning and makes the whole printing process easier. The following steps show how to properly unpack and set up the machine. This article also shows how to prepare and start the printing process as well as how to post-process finished prints in a liquid detergent and UV light.

  • Wear protective clothing, gloves and glasses during all procedures.
  • Prepare paper towels and keep them in your workplace for wiping up liquids.
  • Printing and post-processing waste, including empty bottles, failed prints, supports, rafts as well as paper towels with resin residues should be put in the UV Station or in any source of UV light before disposal. Uncured resin has to be disposed of in accordance with national and local regulations concerning hazardous waste.
  • Detailed information regarding usage and waste disposal of the liquid detergent utilized to clean 3D prints should be found in the SDS delivered by the producer of the liquid.

In the Box


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Preparing the Printer for Work


Printing and Post-Processing


Firmware Update


If your printer is connected to a network, select Settings -> About Printer -> Check for updates to check if there is a newer firmware version available. If so, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


If your printer isn’t connected to a network, go to and check if there is a firmware update available. If so, download the file and save it on the USB drive. Plug the USB drive into the port at the front of the device to start the installation.

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