Zortrax M200 Plus is a modernized version of the widely known M200 3D printer, which features a number of hardware and software improvements in its design. The printer is equipped with a Wi-Fi module which enables you to transfer files for printing wirelessly from a computer to the printer’s storage as well as start and pause the printing process directly in Z-SUITE. The program also makes it possible to display the preview from the camera installed in the printer’s housing. In addition, creating a network of devices allows you to produce 3D models in small series and manage the whole process from the screen of your computer. Other hardware improvements of the M200 Plus include: a touchscreen, a material endstop which pauses the printing process once the material runs out and, as a result, lowers the number of failed prints and the new hotend (v3) which has been designed for faster heating and adopted to print with more demanding materials. The Zortrax M200 Plus can be used in many industries for designing and prototyping purposes, while delivering high level of performance of the Zortrax Ecosystem.

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