The resin tank is an essential component of the Inkspire, in which liquid resin is kept throughout the entire printing process. It consists of a metal frame, a double-layered FEP film and two screws. The tank should be maintained through regular cleaning in order to ensure the best printing results and high quality of prints. This particularly applies to the FEP film which cannot have any residues of cured resin and defects on its surface for the UV light to pass through it and properly cure the resin during the printing. You should inspect and clean the resin tank after each print. Residues of cured resin should be removed before you restart the printing process and every time you change the color or type of resin.

However, if you’re sure that there are no residues in the tank, you don’t have to follow cleaning procedures and can restart the printing process immediately.

  • Wear protective clothing, gloves and glasses during all procedures.
  • Printing and post-processing waste, including empty bottles, failed prints, supports, rafts as well as paper towels with resin residues should be put in the UV Station or in any source of UV light before disposal.

UV Cover Removal

From the menu select “Tools,” “Platform” and “Move the platform.” Keep the UP arrow pressed to lift the platform.

Remove the UV cover.


Resin Tank Removal

Loosen the two screws that secure the resin tank. Next, remove the tank.


Emptying the Resin Tank

Insert the resin filter into the silicone funnel and put them together in the bottle with resin. Pour the resin left in the tank through the filter and funnel. If it is necessary, use a plastic spatula.

Once you finish, clean the resin filter in a liquid detergent or isopropyl alcohol. If it’s necessary, you can also clean the resin tank using the same liquid.

Close the bottle tightly so that the liquid resin is not exposed to the UV light.

Resin Tank Cleaning, part 1

Clean the resin tank with a paper towel. You can also use 99% isopropyl alcohol for that purpose. If you change the color or type of resin, clean the tank in the Ultrasonic Cleaner.


Resin Tank Cleaning, part 2

Clean the FEP film and the LCD screen with a soft cloth soaked with isopropyl alcohol.


Resin Tank Installation

Install the resin tank in its place and tighten the two screws.


UV Cover Installation

Install the UV cover on the printer.

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