Platform calibration is one of the maintenance procedures that has to be performed before running the printer for the first time and after approximately three prints. The process of calibrating the platform involves adjusting the platform’s position and tightening the platform screw. The platform has to properly adhere to the LCD screen. Otherwise, the bottom layers of the model will not stick to platform’s surface and the print will fail. This manual shows how to carry out the platform calibration procedure.


UV Cover Removal

Remove the UV cover.


Starting the Calibration

Start the calibration with the options from the menu. Select Tools and then Calibration. At this point the printer will start to lift up the platform.


Filling the Tank

Pour a small amount of resin into the tank so that there is a thin layer of resin on the FEP film. Tap Next to confirm.


Loosening the Platform Screw

Loosen the platform screw with an Allen key. Tap Next to continue.


Platform Calibration

Hold the platform block in the places indicated in the video and tighten the platform screw. Make sure that the platform properly adheres to the LCD screen.


Platform Offset Calibration

Once you finish the platform calibration, tap Next to calibrate the platform offset. This procedure ensures that the platform will be placed at the correct distance from the LCD screen during the printing process.

Install the UV cover back on the printer once all procedures are finished.

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