Signs indicating replacement:
– significant heating issues of the module,
– extrusion issues of either of the materials,
– material residue accumulation on models.

Required tools:
– Allen key,
– Flathead screwdriver,
– New hotend module.

Initial steps:
– Unload both materials; select Tools and Materials from the menu; follow the instructions displayed,
– Once unloading is complete, turn the printer off,
– Open the lid.


Extruder Top Cover removal

Unscrew the four screws that secure the extruder top cover (two screws at the front, one screw on the left and one screw on the right). Remove the cover.


Unplugging the Extruder Cable

Unplug the extruder cable and detach both material guides.


Extruder Removal

Unscrew the two screws behind the extruder. Next, remove the extruder from the printer.


Extruder Fan Removal

Unscrew the two screws that secure the extruder fan (two screws at the front). Next, unplug the connector and remove the fan.


Hotend Module Removal

Unscrew the three screws that secure the hotend module (one black screw at the front, two blue screws on the bottom). Remove the module.


Hotend Module Installation

Insert the new hotend module and secure it with the three screws.


Extruder Fan Installation

Plug the extruder fan cable in and reattach the fan. Secure it with the two screws.


Extruder Installation

Install the extruder in its place and secure it with the two screws.


Plugging the Extruder Cable

Plug the extruder cable in and reattach both material guides.


Extruder Top Cover Installation

Reattach the extruder top cover and secure it with the four screws.


Closing the Lid

Close the lid.

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