Nozzle alignment calibration is one of the maintenance procedures that needs to be carried out before using the printer for the first time, in case of imperfections showing up on the models and after each nozzle or hotend module replacement. The procedure involves printing two trial models, each with thirteen lines printed with the support material on top of thirteen lines prined with the model material. The user has to check both models visually and choose the pair of lines where the support material covers the model material most precisely. Nozzle alignment regulates the position of the hotends in order to achieve the best accuracy during the printing process.

You need to carry out the platform leveling before commencing the nozzle alignment calibration.

Initiating the Calibration

From the menu select “Maintenance” -> “Nozzle Alignment Calibration.”

The printer will start to heat up the extruder and then print the calibration models.


Build Tray Removal

Open the front door.

Turn the safety locks by 90˚ and pull the tray towards you using the handle.


Calibration Models Analysis

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Inspect both trial prints visually and from each print select the pair of lines in which the support material covers the model material most precisely. Finish the calibration.

If the best pair of lines is the one placed at the edge of the print, select it and carry out the nozzle alignment calibration once again.

Build Tray Installation

Remove the prints from the build tray using a spatula. Install the tray back in the printer and secure it with the locks.

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