Maintenance work should be regular in order to keep the Zortrax DSS station in good condition. Some parts require maintenance before each process of dissolving the support and some every few hundred working hours. All maintenance activities do not take much time and are not complicated. Before commencing any repair, it is extremely important to turn off the device and let it cool down. Remember to always wear safety gloves and glasses. The device is delivered with a full set of tools needed to carry out maintenance and service work.

The following tables present maintenance and repair guidelines connected with each section of the device, together with specific check points, necessary activities and their frequency.



Water exchange Every time before starting the process of dissolving the support structures or once the water becomes more and more murky/milky while removing support from a big model Empty the device. Rinse and fill it with water
Cleaning the interior of the device (the heater and the temperature sensor) and the rinsing basket During each water exchange Fill the device with a little amount of water and clean the heater and the temperature sensor with a brush. Clean the basket under running water A brush
Removing limescale from the heater and the temperature sensor Every 1000 working hours Use a descaler to remove limescale. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

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