With the 2.12.2 Z-SUITE update, the list of available printing profiles has been upgraded and it now includes profiles for two types of Z-ABS: regular Z-ABS and Z-ABS 2 (previously Z-ABS v2). The profiles for both materials have slightly different printing parameters. Therefore, it is important to make sure which one you’re using and select the correct profile in Z-SUITE to avoid having problems while 3D printing. Follow the instructions below.


Checking Spool Sticker


Before each printing process, check the sticker on the spool to know which type of material you’re about to use or load: Z-ABS or Z-ABS 2 (previously Z-ABS v2).


Z-SUITE Settings


Once you check the type of Z-ABS you’re using, make sure to select the right Material from the drop-down list in the Print Settings step.

Remember that a .zcode/.zcodex file previously prepared for Z-ABS must sliced again before 3D printing with the correct Material settings if you want to print it with Z-ABS v2/Z-ABS 2.

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