The mechanical X/Y endstops are responsible for detecting the extruder’s homing position, which is necessary to protect the extruder from hitting the printer’s housing. If the extruder in your printer hits the housing with significant force and makes loud noises, you will receive the Endstop error notification. The printer can display this notification due to several reasons: the endstop is damaged or its cable is unplugged, or the endstop sleeve is missing. The endstops are used very often during printer’s operation, their degradation is a normal process. Follow the steps from this article to solve problems with the extruder’s proper position or endstops.


X/Y Endstop Error

If your printer can properly carry out the extruder homing (as it is shown in the video), but you still receive the Endstop error notification, move on to the step 2 in this manual.

If the extruder hits the housing and the printer displays the error, move on to the step 3 in this manual.

Typically, the extruder hits the housing with force and makes loud noise if there's a problem with the endstops.

Extruder Proper Homing


Extruder Hits the Housing

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