This manual shows how to pump the resin out of the vat, and how to clean the vat in order to use a new resin.


Pumping the Resin out

From the Menu select Tools, then Resin Level Control System and choose Control Pump. Start pumping the resin out by clicking the up arrow.


Automatic Resin Pumping

Pressing the up arrow for a few seconds starts automatic resin pumping.

Using the plastic spatula included in the Starter Kit should help to remove the remaining resin. Make sure not to damage the FEP film.


Wiper Removal

Once the resin has been pumped out, turn the printer off. Unscrew the screw securing the wiper, and then remove the wiper.


Resin Level Sensor Removal

Unlock and remove the resin level sensor.


Resin Vat Removal

Unscrew the screw securing the resin vat and move it to the right side. Use a piece of paper towel to secure the resin tube. Carefully remove the resin vat.


Resin Vat Cleaning

Gently clean the resin vat from remaining resin with a paper towel. Make sure not to damage the FEP film.


Resin Vat Installation

Install the resin vat in its place. Move the screw securing the resin vat to the left side and tighten it.


Remember to remove the paper towel before placing the resin tube in the vat.

Resin Level Sensor Installation

Install the resin level sensor in its place and lock the sensor.


Wiper Installation

Install the wiper in its place and secure it with the screw.

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