Preparing the Zortrax DSS station for the first use is important to ensure safe and proper functioning of the equipment. The following steps show how to unpack and set up the machine. This article also show how to carry out the support removal procedure correctly. 


Unpacking the Zortrax DSS


Open the box and remove the cushioning.


Use the handles to take the Zortrax DSS out of the box. The handles are on both sides of the housing.


Remove the security foil.


The box also contains: rubber gloves, brush, drain pipe, quick start guide, rinsing basket.


Setting up the Zortrax DSS


Remove the top cover.


Remove the rinsing basket.

Make sure that no foils or other elements are inside the device.

Put the model in the rinsing basket.


Carefully place the basket inside the Zortrax DSS station.

Fill up the Zortrax DSS station with warm water.

Do not fill the Zortrax DSS Station all the way to the top. Make sure that the water level is above the model.

Put the top cover back into place.


Operating the Zortrax DSS station


Plug in the power cable and turn on the Zortrax DSS.


Press the POWER ON switch. Set the temperature and time with the buttons on the front.

Recommended temperature settings for models printed with:
– Z-PETG: between 40 and 50° C [104 and 122° F]
– Z-PLA: max. 40° C [104° F]
– Z-ULTRAT Plus: 50° C [122° F]
– Z-SEMIFLEX: 50° C [122° F]

Time settings should depend on the size and complexity of the model and the amount of support structures.


Once the process is finished, turn off the Zortrax DSS and unplug the power cable.


Remove the top cover.

Be careful, the Zortrax DSS station contains hot water. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles.

Remove the rinsing basket with the model. Rinse the model under running water and let it air dry. You can also use paper towels.

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