Hotend replacement is necessary when you encounter problems with material extrusion caused by a blockage inside the hotend. If the extruder motor makes a clicking sound or if the material leaks through the top of the hotend (around the two black screws), or if your print is incomplete (there is some material missing in the structure), the hotend needs replacing.

NOTE! Before replacing the hotend make sure that the nozzle is not blocked with material remains.

M Series Printers Servicing

M Series Printers Servicing

Zortrax M Series includes two printer models right now: M200 and M300. These printers remain similar in terms of design and technology. The most important difference is their size: M200 with a 200x200x180mm workspace, whereas M300 with an increased 300x300x300mm workspace.

Therefore, maintenance and repair work can be carried out in the same manner with both models. The following manual shows M200 repair work. In the case of M300, these procedures look the same.

Unloading the Material

If the material is loaded into the extruder, unload the material using the “Material” -> “Unload the material” option in the menu.

Unplugging the Power Cable

Turn off the printer and unplug the power cable.

Wait until the printer – especially the hotend – cools down completely.

Hotend Removal

With a 1.5mm Allen key loosen the two screws securing the hotend and remove the hotend from the extruder.

Heater and Thermocoupler Removal

With a 1.5mm Allen key loosen the two screws securing the heater and thermocoupler in the hotend. Then take the heater and thermocoupler out.

Heater and Thermocoupler Assembly

Insert the heater and thermocoupler into the new hotend and firmly tighten the two screws securing them (using a 1.5mm Allen key).

Make sure that the screws don’t go through the insulation covering the wires – don’t push the heater too far into the slot in the hotend.

This picture shows the heater inserted correctly. This picture shows the heater pushed too far into the slot in the hotend.

Hotend Assembly

Insert the hotend into the extruder and tighten the two screws securing it (using a 1.5mm Allen key).

Plugging the Power Cable

Plug the power cable in.

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