M Series Printers Modes

The Zortrax M Series printers indicate their current mode by the LED lights. When the printer enters a given mode, the color of LED lights changes into a different one. This significantly facilitates your work and saves your time as there is no need to read the printer’s present mode from the display.

These and other improvements have been introduced with the Z-Firmware V0.0.7. To download the latest version, go to the Downloads section and copy the file to your SD card. Insert the card to the card slot in the 3D printer and turn on the machine. Your firmware will be automatically installed.


Heating Mode


If the LED lights turn red, it means that the platform or the extruder is heating up.


Sleep Mode


Purple light indicates the sleep mode.

The sleep mode turns off the heating, motors and extruder fans whenever the 3D printer is left unattended for 15 minutes. The sleep mode was introduced to make your work more comfortable. It saves energy and reduces noises.


Other Modes


White lights represents all other statuses such as printing mode, auto-calibration and stand-by mode.

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