Zortrax HEPA Cover is a device dedicated to Zortrax M Series and M Series Plus 3D printers. It consists of an acrylic glass frame, a filter module and a fan. The Cover can be attached to the top of the printer and therefore help to resolve several common problems connected with 3D printing in the FDM/FFF technology. Thanks to the fan, users are able to regulate the temperature inside the chamber. This aspect is very important while printing with materials of high shrinkage, like Z-ABS or ABS-based filaments. There are two replaceable filters installed in the device: a HEPA and a carbon one, both of which eliminate unpleasant smells of melted material and filter over 99% of particles that are released during the 3D printing process. The Zortrax HEPA Cover has been designed to improve the quality of models, lower the number of failed prints and increase protection of users, especially those who work near desktop printers.

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