Platform maintenance is necessary to keep the platform clean and in good condition. The maintenance procedures improve the printing process and make it more trouble-free. Also, platform maintenance can help you resolve problems with platform calibration, especially its center point. Once you carry out the maintenance work, your model will properly adhere to the platform and, at the same time, it will be easier for you to remove it once the printing process is finished. This manual provides the correct maintenance procedure.

Remember to calibrate the platform after completing platform maintenance.

Unplugging the Power Cable


Turn off the printer and unplug the power cable.


Unplugging the Heatbed Cable

Unplug the big connector of the heatbed cable from the platform.


Platform Removal

Remove the platform from the printer.


Unplugging the Perforated Plate Cable

Unplug the two small connectors on both sides of the platform and remove the perforated plate cable.


Cleaning the Platform

Clean the platform from the material residues using a spatula.

While cleaning the platform with the spatula, be extremely careful not to damage the conductive path next to the perforated plate's small connector.

Unscrewing the Perforated Plate

Unscrew the screws that secure the perforated plate to the heatbed. Remove the perforated plate.


Cleaning the Heatbed

Remove the material residues from the heatbed using a piece of cloth and, if it is necessary, use a spatula.


Cleaning the Perforated Plate with a Spatula

Turn the perforated plate over and clean it from the material remains using a spatula.


Cleaning the Perforated Plate with Sandpaper


Turn the plate over again. Use 320-400 grit sandpaper to smooth down the surface of the plate.


Cleaning the Perforated Plate with Acetone


Wipe the perforated plate with a piece of cloth damped in acetone.


Securing the Perforated Plate

Secure the perforated plate to the heatbed with the screws. At the end loosen the two screws that secure the platform in the centre position by 30-45 degrees.


Plugging the Perforated Plate Cable

Plug in the perforated plate cable on both sides of the platform.


Platform Installation

Put the platform back in the printer.


Plugging the the Heatbed Cable

Plug the big connector of the heatbed cable in.


Plugging the Power Cable


Plug the power cable in.


Platform Calibration


Once the maintenance work is done, the platform needs calibration.

In order to correct the difference in values between the center and the side calibration points, you should tighten/loosen the two platform screws placed next to the center point. If the center point value is 0.2 and one of the side points value is -0.2 (the difference equals or exceeds 0.4), you should tighten the screws, whereas you should loosen them if the center point value is -0.2 and one of the side points value is 0.2.

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