for MAC
  • Improves overall printing quality for Inkspire*,
  • Adds the Rotation Optimization tool for all FDM printers,
  • Fixes minor bugs.

*Latest firmware version for Inkspire is required

  • Adds support for Z-FLEX and Z-NYLON materials for M200 Plus and M300 Plus,
  • Adds new Z-FLEX based option to the ’’External Materials” tab,
  • Adds new Z-SUPPORT Premium material compatible with all model materials available for Inventure,
  • Improves overall quality of Z-ABS prints for M Series printers,
    • Improves overall printing quality,
    • Introduces new default support parameters: Light, Medium and Heavy,
    • Adds information on total time between layers curing (Total OFF time) and total time of platform movement (Z-lift total time),
  • Fixes an issue with loading .zcodex files saved for M200 Plus and M300 Plus,
  • Fixes an issue where projects would open in a different workspace than in the default one.
  • For M200, it is now possible to select the nozzle’s diameter – 0.3 or 0.6 – for Z-ABS and Z-PLA Pro,
  • If there is no USB drive installed or there is not enough storage available, Z-SUITE now displays a notification when users attempt to transfer .zcodex files to the printer,
  • Fixes issues with loading profiles with External material settings,
  • Fixes issues with displaying Z-SUITE’s window and different steps on Mac OSX.
  • Adds Zortrax Inkspire to the list of supported devices,
  • Adds Zortrax M300 Plus to the list of supported devices,
  • Mac OSX is now a stable version: it is possible to work with multiple tabs and program windows,
  • Improves overall printing quality for the following materials: Z-ABS: 0,29, Z-PCABS, Z-ASA Pro (Zortrax M200); Z-ASA Pro (Zortrax M300); Z-ABS: 0,29, Z-PCABS, Z-ASA Pro (Zortrax M200 Plus), and adds a Flex-based filament profile in the External materials settings menu for Zortrax M200 Plus and M300 Plus,
  • Introduces the Preferences menu where you can:
    • change the language of the program,
    • choose the default printer,
    • change the location of Z-SUITE folder (only on Windows),
    • enable/disable exporting .zcode(x) reports to a .txt file,
    • enable/disable notifications visibility,
    • change the color of models and supports in the Model, Analysis, Support and Preview steps,
    • enable/disable the Antialiasing option,
    • enable/disable displaying .zcode(x) preview,
    • enable/disable operation history,
    • change the quality of .zcode(x) preview,
  • Changes the order of the Print Settings and the Support steps,
  • Legacy support (Z-SUITE v1 support) is now set as default Automatic support,
  • Adds two new functions in the Support menu:
    • XY GAP – allows you to set a gap between the block of support and the model in the XY plane,
    • SPACING – allows you to set the spacing between paths of infill in the blocks of support,
  • Improves overall support generating performance for Zortrax Inventure,
  • A tooltip with the full name of the file is now displayed when you move the mouse cursor over the open tab (only on Windows),
  • It is now possible to move a model around the workspace with the keyboard arrow keys,
  • Fixes an issue with starting the printing process of .zcodex files with External materials settings directly in Z-SUITE,
  • Fixes an issue with displaying Z-SUITE’s window on several screens.
  • Improves overall printing quality for Z-ESD, Z-PCABS, Z-PETG and Z-ULTRAT (Zortrax M200 Plus),
  • Improves overall printing quality for Inventure,
  • Improves overall slicing performance of the program,
  • Z-SUITE’s versioning is now included in the .txt report
  • The Cross Section View tool is now available when using other tools,
  • Adds new interface languages: Italian, Japanese, Korean,
  • Bug fixes:
    • loading very large files should no longer cause problems with displaying a white card in the program’s window,
    • problems with the graphics card’s performance when minimizing the program’s window should no longer be an issue, also on Mac OSX
  • Improves overall printing quality for the following materials: Z-ABS, Z-GLASS, Z-HIPS, Z-PETG, Z-PLA Pro, Z-ULTRAT (Zortrax M200 Plus); Z-PETG, Z-ULTRAT Plus (Zortrax Inventure),
  • Introduces the Replicate .zcode/.zcodex tool, which allows you to create several copies of a generated .zcode/.zcodex file and place them in the workspace as one file,
  • Introduces the Legacy support option, which generates the support structures in the Preview step after you choose its parameters in the Print Settings step. This type of support is the same as in Z-SUITE v1,
  • Improves overall slicing performance of the program,
  • Improves the Selected objects tool by adding tabs that display information about the actual size and volume of the model,
  • Adds the Pause option to the My Devices panel and progress bars in the 3D Printer Files section in Z-SUITE,
  • In the Print Settings step for Inventure, Z-SUITE now informs you which support material to use,
  • It is now possible to close a particular tool box to hide it from the workspace,
  • Fixes problems with Z-SUITE performance on Mac OSX El Capitan.
  • Improves overall printing quality for the following materials: Z-ABS, Z-GLASS, Z-HIPS, Z-PLA Pro, Z-PETG, Z-SEMIFLEX, Z-ULTRAT (Zortrax M200 Plus); Z-PETG (Zortrax M200 and M300),
  • Operation history is now available in the Model and the Support steps. You can undo or redo any action with arrows in the left top corner or using shortcuts: CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y,
  • Adds the Place by Face tool – it allows you to rotate the model so that the selected face of the model is placed on the platform’s surface,
  • It is now possible to change the name of the .zcodex while sending the file directly from Z-SUITE to the printer,
  • Adds the notification Printing Completed, which is displayed in the My Devices tab after the finished printing process,
  • Exporting .zcode/.zcodex is now available while Z-SUITE is preparing the preview of the model, immediately after slicing,
  • It is now possible to import files without repairing. However, this option disables the Analysis and Support steps; in the Print Settings, the only available option is Shell infill,
  • Adds a Report in the Analysis step, which displays information about the percentage of printable walls.
  • Introduces new My Devices panel,
  • Adds support for the Zortrax M200 Plus,
  • Adds support for Z-SEMIFLEX (M200 Plus),
  • Introduces the new extended .zcodex format compatible with the M200 Plus,
  • Improves exporting of .zcode/.zcodex files in the Preview step – you can either save the file on the USB flash drive or transfer the file directly to M200 Plus over Wi-Fi,
  • The new My Devices panel allows you to:
    • search for and add M200 Plus printers available in the local network to the panel,
    • manage the already added printer(s) – you can start and stop the print; change the name of your printer; preview basic information about the printer,
    • see the current state of the printer(s): Ready to Print / Printing / Paused / Offline,
    • see which material is loaded in the printer(s) – Last used material,
    • add, download and remove .zcodex files from the printer’s USB flash drive,
    • display the preview from the printer’s camera,
  • Adds the Cross Section View tool – it is possible to see what the inside of the model looks like in the Model, Analysis and Support steps,
  • Improves the Split menu – the cutting plane is now more visible,
  • Introduces the new keyboard shortcut – CTRL + A – which allows you to select all generated support structures in the Support step and edit them altogether,
  • Other bug fixes.
  • Introduces new Layer Thickness for Z-PLA Pro (M Series Printers),
  • Normal print quality for Z-PLA Pro with each layer thickness is now quicker (M Series Printers),
  • Shell infill type is now available for Z-PLA Pro with High and Normal print quality and each layer thickness (M Series Printers),
  • Improves the print quality of raft for Z-ULTRAT Plus (Inventure),
  • Adds control grips for changing the model’s dimensions and moving the model around an axis (Resize and Rotate tools),
  • Moving the model in the Z axis and placing several models on top of one another is now possible,
  • Introduces new Pause bar – .zcode preview shows the exact number of generated layers,
  • Individual layers in the .zcode preview are now more visible,
  • Improves the precision of Offset Outer Contours and Offset Holes – the value has been increased to two decimal places,
  • Adds support for new languages: German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Polish,
  • Fixes issues with loading models through the Drag & Drop option,
  • Fixes issues with white/black window appearing in the program (computers with macOS High Sierra system and Nvidia graphics card),
  • Improves overall program stability.
  • Introduces minor fixes of the print quality for Z-PLA PRO,
  • Fixes an issue with displaying the Z-SUITE on OSX High Sierra with NVIDIA graphics: http://bugtracker.zortrax.com/tracker/issue-335-only-white-screen.


for MAC
  • Introduces minor fixes of the print quality for Z-PLA PRO.
  • Fixes an issue with removing the raft from Z-PLA Pro prints and introduces minor fixes of the print quality (0.09 and 0.14 layer thickness),
  • Improves the print quality for Z-ULTRAT Plus (Inventure).
  • Adds support for Z-ULTRAT Plus and Z-SEMIFLEX (Inventure),
  • Introduces new Layer Thickness for Z-ASA Pro and Z-HIPS – 0.09 (M Series printers),
  • Introduces new Layer Thickness for Z-ULTRAT – 0.29 (M200),
  • Introduces Shell infill for PLA-based materials (External Materials).
  • Quicker slicing process of complicated models,
  • New Print Quality type: Draft (for Z-ABS 0,14 and 0,19, and Z-HIPS 0,19),
  • Increased density of Maximum Infill for Z-HIPS and Z-ABS materials.

Other files

Mono Framework for Z-SUITE on Mac
Z-SUITE Demo for Windows