for MAC
  • Improves the overall printing quality on M300 Dual,
  • Improves the printing quality with Zortrax Raydent Surgical Guide and Raydent Crown&Bridge resins (layer 0.1 mm),
  • Fixes an issue with opening files with a double-click (Windows),
  • Improves retraction parameters while printing without raft with External materials (M Series printers),
  • Improves saving parameters of .photon and .cbddlp formats for External LCD Printers,
  • Fixes minor bugs.
  • It is now possible to add other resin 3D printers to the panel – you can specify platform’s dimensions, display resolution and output file format,
  • Adds support for three new resins: BlueCast X5, BlueCast X10 and BlueCast Original (for layers 0,025 and 0,05),
  • Introduces new infill type for Inkspire – Hollow – you can adjust the wall thickness and infill density, and add drain holes in a model’s structure,
  • Offset: Outer contours and Holes values can be now increased up to 1 mm for LPD and LPD Plus printers,
  • Quality improvements when printing in the raftless mode on M300 Dual,
  • GUI improvements: New Project window, program icon, splash screen,
  • Microsoft Windows users no longer need the Administrator Account to install Z-SUITE,
  • Minor bug fixes including:
  • detecting the materials loaded in the M300 Dual when transferring .zcodex files from My Devices panel has been fixed,
  • downloading files through the autoupdater for Windows has been fixed.
  • Adds a 0.15 mm layer for Z-ULTRAT Plus on M300 Dual,
  • Improves the quality of printing profiles on M300 Dual,
  • Retraction Distance can now be increased up to 4 mm in the External materials menu,
  • Fixes some problems that would affect the program’s performance/slicing speed,
  • Fixes problems that would occur while saving profiles for the dual-extrusion mode,
  • Improves camera connection in M300 Dual – Z-SUITE should reconnect with the camera more quickly,
  • Fixes problems that would occur while shutting down the program,
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Adds support for new resin types: Zortrax RAYDENT SURGICAL GUIDE and Zortrax RAYDENT CROWN&BRIDGE,
  • Fixes minor bugs.
  • Estimated print time for M300 Dual has been improved,
  • The issue with delayed workspace view while using Mac OSX Mojave and High Sierra has been fixed,
  • External Materials profiles for the M300 printer are now uploaded correctly,
  • The issue where the Fan Speed would not change in the M Series printers has been fixed,
  • Printing without raft in the Shell mode in the M Series printers has been improved,
  • The issue with the material usage indicator in the M Series and Inventure printers has been fixed,
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • M Series Plus / M Series Dual
  • Zortrax M300 Dual has been added to the list of supported devices,
  • It is now possible to choose up to 10 walls and up to 10 bottom layers in the Shell mode,
  • Introduces a new infill pattern – Grid (patt. 1) – which generates full grid on each layer of the print,
  • Introduces the Thin Walls Infill option which generates denser and more durable infill in thin walls,
  • Printing profiles for the M Series Plus printers have been updated: Z-PLA for M200 Plus and Z-PLA, Z-ABS, Z-PCABS for M300 Plus.
  • Inkspire:
  • Introduces the Overgrowth correction option which corrects model’s outer dimensions and enlarges holes (1 pixel decreases dimensions on both sides by 0.1 mm in total).
  • Other changes:
  • Recently used 3D printers are now indicated in the New Project window,
  • Fixes minor bugs.
  • Improves supports placing and generating for Inkspire models, and introduces the new type of pillar tip – ball type, which facilitates supports removal and increases adhesion between supports and models,
  • Introduces the new option for Inkspire – Anti-aliasing smoothing, which allows you to enable/disable the smoothing of pixels on the edges of layer images displayed on the LCD screen,
  • Speeds up the saving process of .zcodex files for Inkspire,
  • Adds Z-SUPPORT Plus as a new support material for Z-PETG, Z-PLA, Z-SEMIFLEX for Inventure,
  • Fixes minor bugs.
  • Fixes an issue with temperature values of Z-PETG profiles for M200 and M300,
  • Fixes issues with opening .zcode/.zcodex files.
  • Thin walls analysis is now available in the Print Settings step – highlighting thin walls depends on nozzle diameter and layer thickness settings,
  • Fixes issues with re-saving .zcodex files,
  • Improves material retraction while printing without raft,
  • Fixes minor bugs.
  • Improves the Replicate .zcode/.zcodex tool – it is now possible to place more replicated models on the platform by decreasing the Offset value,
  • The Model lift option is now activated once the raft is disabled – it allows users to lift the model up to 10mm,
  • It is now possible to insert a pause into the .zcode(x) before printing the Brim (at 0% of progress),
  • Maximum values of Flow Ratio and Print Speed have been increased (First Layer and Raft parameters),
  • It is now possible to set the Brim width to 0 while printing without the raft,
  • Improves the default Exposure time values for resins: Basic Pigment-Free, Flexible Transparent Yellow and Dental Model Beige,
  • Fixes issues with Brim and first layer height while printing with Shell infil,
  • Fixes minor bugs.


for MAC
  • Introduces minor fixes of the print quality for Z-PLA PRO.
  • Fixes an issue with removing the raft from Z-PLA Pro prints and introduces minor fixes of the print quality (0.09 and 0.14 layer thickness),
  • Improves the print quality for Z-ULTRAT Plus (Inventure).
  • Adds support for Z-ULTRAT Plus and Z-SEMIFLEX (Inventure),
  • Introduces new Layer Thickness for Z-ASA Pro and Z-HIPS – 0.09 (M Series printers),
  • Introduces new Layer Thickness for Z-ULTRAT – 0.29 (M200),
  • Introduces Shell infill for PLA-based materials (External Materials).
  • Quicker slicing process of complicated models,
  • New Print Quality type: Draft (for Z-ABS 0,14 and 0,19, and Z-HIPS 0,19),
  • Increased density of Maximum Infill for Z-HIPS and Z-ABS materials.

Other files

Mono Framework for Z-SUITE on Mac
Z-SUITE Demo for Windows