Firmware Updates for Zortrax M300 Plus

Remember that to download and install firmware newer than 2.3.0, it is necessary to register your Zortrax device first. The registration process is simple and has to be done only once per each device. Registered products will receive authorized firmware guaranteeing the best possible performance and access to new features as soon as they are implemented. You can register your Zortrax device at:

  • Stability improvements,
  • Introduced the registration procedure using Zortrax ID,
  • Added new interface language: Italian,
  • Improved control of fans operation,
  • Fixed problems with incorrect notifications about finishing the printing process,
  • Improved blackout reaction – if the power outage doesn’t last for too long, printers will maintain platform temperature above 80%,
  • Heating management tools are now available in the Heating controls menu (it includes options for platform and extruder heating),
  • It is now possible to switch off the buzzer (only hardware V2),
  • Fixed false blackout alerts with the hardware V2,
  • Added support for Z-ESD v2.
  • Added support for hardware v2,
  • Added support for Z-ABS v2.
  • Stability improvements related to UI,
  • Increased waiting time during the material loading procedure,
  • Fixed the Stack overflow error.
  • Fixes a bug with the error: #2.3 Hotend: Sensor failure
  • Fixes a bug with the error: #2.3 Hotend: Sensor failure
  • Improved Ethernet connection stability,
  • Improved communication with Z-SUITE,
  • Improved Android responsiveness,
  • Introduced notifications with frequency of service and maintenance activities,
  • Increased control and monitoring of hotend’s temperature,
  • Fixed problems where pausing the printing would cause platform offset issues,
  • Increased speed of non-print movements (for Z-SUITE Beta only),
  • Improved notifications for extruder heating progress,
  • Changed Axes Check procedure,
  • Bug fixes.
  • Stability improvements related to monitoring of temperatures.
  • Detection procedure for error #2:3 has been changed,
  • Error #2:3 is now a warning message, not a failsafe response.
  • Endstop error detection procedure has been improved,
  • A new feature – Precise extruder homing has been introduced. It is available in the Working options menu,
  • Heater failure error detection procedure has been improved,
  • The risk of error #17:16 Unknown has been reduced.
  • Improves the ethernet connection stability,
  • Improves communication with Z-SUITE, including notifications Busy and Material: not loaded.
  • Introduces new features:
    • Axes check procedure,
    • Save printing progress option, which allows you to pause the printing process and resume it from the same spot after the printer is turned off,
    • Set loading temperature option for external materials,
    • Selecting the color of LED backlight for the Idle Mode (Blue/White/Magenta),
  • Fixes a bug where the printer would enter the Sleep Mode during a failsafe response,
  • Improves the firmware update procedure,

After you install this firmware update, the printer will transfer any data regarding hardware and firmware errors to our server. You will have to give your consent before the installation by accepting the end-user license agreement.

  • Fixes an error that would appear when printing files prepared in older versions of Z-SUITE (<=2.9.0),
  • Printers now wake up from the Sleep Mode after pressing the DONE button,
  • Fixes minor bugs.

To upgrade the firmware to the 2.0.1 version, at first install the 2.0.0 version according to the appropriate instructions.

  • Fixes minor bugs,
  • Fixes translation issues.

To upgrade the firmware to the 2.0 version, at first save the update.zar2 file (from the 1.5 folder) on the USB drive and install the update and select Start in the launcher. Next, save the update.zar2 file (from the 2.0 folder) on the USB drive and install the update. This process is irreversible.

  • Adds Manual platform calibration,
  • The printer is now able to save the printing progress whenever a failsafe occurs,
  • Introduces the Sleep Mode,
  • Introduces the Idle Platform Temperature option,
  • Improves the GUI – it is now more consistent with the interfaces of the M300 Dual and Inkspire.
  • Adds support for Z-PLA material,
  • Improves safety with an upgraded failsafe mechanism,
  • Fixes a bug where a “?” would appear at the end of the serial number displayed in Z-SUITE,
  • Language of the menu has been updated (Chinese).
  • Removes material retraction during the loading process.
  • Fixes an occasional issue where printer GUI would crash on device launch,
  • Support for other nozzle diameters has been added: 0.3 and 0.6 mm,
  • It is now possible to set the offset of the platform’s height,
  • New interface languages have been added: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese.

USB installation only

  • Faster platform and extruder heating,
  • Adds “Full Platform Preheating” procedure to “Working Options”,
  • Adds support for new materials: Z-FLEX and Z-NYLON,
  • Improves .zcodex files reading,
  • Fixes an issue where the extruder would cool down too fast while changing the material during the printing process,
  • Introduces new version of the launcher:
    • no refresh button,
    • the printer automatically checks for online updates on each startup and, if an update is available, it displays an appropriate notification,
    • the printer automatically detects an update file once the USB drive is plugged in and displays an appropriate notification.

Zortrax M300 Plus Firmware