Firmware Updates for Zortrax M300 Plus

Remember that to download and install firmware newer than 2.3.0, it is necessary to register your Zortrax device first. The registration process is simple and has to be done only once per each device. Registered products will receive authorized firmware guaranteeing the best possible performance and access to new features as soon as they are implemented. You can register your Zortrax device at:

  • Fixed an occasional bug where turning the camera preview off in inCloud would not deactivate the LEDs while the printer was in the sleep mode.
  • It is now possible to determine a device’s location with the Find device option in inCloud,
  • Recommended maintenance actions can now be displayed in the printer’s panel in inCloud,
  • The LEDs will now light up once the camera preview is displayed in inCloud,
  • Fixed a bug where the Working options menu would crash,
  • Fixed a bug where timeout would not work properly in the Sleep mode.
  • Fixed a bug where application would unexpectedly crash,
  • Fixed a bug where previously printed files would be occasionally displayed in the printer’s panel when starting a new print through inCloud,
  • Fixed a bug where Preparing to print notification would not be properly displayed in inCloud,
  • Added a new option – inCloud connection test,
  • Added missing menu texts.
  • Fixed issues where error messages would pop up when installing firmware update
  • Added support for Zortrax inCloud,
  • Added new printer statuses in My Devices panel in Z-SUITE,
  • Changed the minimal loading temperature for external materials,
  • Simplified material management in the pause menu,
  • Improved heating control menu – printers will now start to heat up once the user presses ON,
  • Added a warning for cases with camera problems,
  • Printers will now wait 5 minutes for the user to remove excess material from the nozzle when resuming the printing. After this time, the printing will be resumed automatically,
  • Changelog for each update will now be available to view before installation,
  • Fixed a bug where printer settings, e.g. for LED colors, would be deleted,
  • Fixed a bug where the sprocket wheel could stop for a short time during material loading with the Ignore material jam option enabled,
  • Fixed a bug where material unloading would continue for a short time after reaching 100% with the Ignore material jam option enabled,
  • Fixed cases where LEDs would change their color during a failsafe response,
  • Fixed a bug with the buzzer; it is now possible to turn it off.
  • Performance improvements,
  • Fixed an issue where information on a saved printing process would appear on the screen only after a reboot.
  • Stability improvements,
  • Introduced the registration procedure using Zortrax ID,
  • Added new interface language: Italian,
  • Improved control of fans operation,
  • Fixed problems with incorrect notifications about finishing the printing process,
  • Improved blackout reaction – if the power outage doesn’t last for too long, printers will maintain platform temperature above 80%,
  • Heating management tools are now available in the Heating controls menu (it includes options for platform and extruder heating),
  • It is now possible to switch off the buzzer (only hardware V2),
  • Fixed false blackout alerts with the hardware V2,
  • Added support for Z-ESD v2.
  • Added support for hardware v2,
  • Added support for Z-ABS v2.
  • Stability improvements related to monitoring of temperatures.
  • Fixes an error that would appear when printing files prepared in older versions of Z-SUITE (<=2.9.0),
  • Printers now wake up from the Sleep Mode after pressing the DONE button,
  • Fixes minor bugs.

To upgrade the firmware to the 2.0 version, at first save the update.zar2 file (from the 1.5 folder) on the USB drive and install the update and select Start in the launcher. Next, save the update.zar2 file (from the 2.0 folder) on the USB drive and install the update. This process is irreversible.

  • Adds Manual platform calibration,
  • The printer is now able to save the printing progress whenever a failsafe occurs,
  • Introduces the Sleep Mode,
  • Introduces the Idle Platform Temperature option,
  • Improves the GUI – it is now more consistent with the interfaces of the M300 Dual and Inkspire.
  • Adds support for Z-PLA material,
  • Improves safety with an upgraded failsafe mechanism,
  • Fixes a bug where a “?” would appear at the end of the serial number displayed in Z-SUITE,
  • Language of the menu has been updated (Chinese).

USB installation only

  • Faster platform and extruder heating,
  • Adds “Full Platform Preheating” procedure to “Working Options”,
  • Adds support for new materials: Z-FLEX and Z-NYLON,
  • Improves .zcodex files reading,
  • Fixes an issue where the extruder would cool down too fast while changing the material during the printing process,
  • Introduces new version of the launcher:
    • no refresh button,
    • the printer automatically checks for online updates on each startup and, if an update is available, it displays an appropriate notification,
    • the printer automatically detects an update file once the USB drive is plugged in and displays an appropriate notification.

Zortrax M300 Plus Firmware