Firmware Updates for Zortrax M300

  • Improves platform and extruder heating,
  • Improves calibration for printers with hardware v5.

Changes for hardware ver. 05 only.

  • Improves the autocalibration process,
  • Fixes minor bugs.
  • New materials support.

1. New Features

  • 1.1 Materials:
    •           – Introducing External Materials,
  • 1.2. Models:
    • – Add support for directories on the SD card (models now can be stored in directories),
    • – Maximum number of files in one directory is set to 50 (for performance reasons), number of files on the SD card is unlimited (tested up to 500 zcode files),
    • – Removed the “.zcode” extension from display,
    • – New icons for the “.zcode” files and directories,
    • – Name of directory is shown inside <>,
    • – User now can set different sorting options,
  • 1.3. Maintenance:
    • – Autocalibration – different (randomized) points for autocalibration,
    • – New option : heat the bed,
  • 1.4. Settings:
    • – Added models sorting options: sort by filename (case sensitive or not), sort by the file size,
    • – Can disable LEDs in the sleep mode,
  • 1.5. Printing:
    • – Support for Z-ESD,
    • – User will be asked for confirmation before removing material from the extruder,
    • – “Entering pause, please wait” message, if the user enters pause,
    • – Information that we cannot pause the print job when printing raft (if the user presses pause button),
    • – Check the file before heating the extruder to prevent material degradation when printing large files,
  • 2. Bug fixes:
    • – Fixed translate errors,
    • – Fixed pause information during raft printing,
    • – Removed issues with more than 120 files on the SD card (support for directories),
    • – Feedrate will be restored after pause,
    • – Removed display error if cancel pause during checking the file before the print job,
    • – M300 platform will move down after the print job.
  • print again by holding button after printing until a beep is heard,
  • improvements in French translation,
  • improved endstop debouncing (issue with nozzle not hitting the right spot during autocalibration / printing),
  • improved autocalibration logic and prompts,
  • more verbose error messages during autocalibration failure,
  • downgrading firmware will no longer corrupt the lifetimer.