Firmware Updates for Zortrax M200 Plus

  • Faster platform and extruder heating,
  • Adds “Full Platform Preheating” procedure to “Working Options”,
  • Adds support for new materials: Z-FLEX and Z-NYLON,
  • Improves .zcodex files reading,
  • Fixes an issue where the extruder would cool down too fast while changing the material during the printing process,
  • Introduces new version of the launcher:
    • no refresh button,
    • the printer automatically checks for online updates on each startup and, if an update is available, it displays an appropriate notification,
    • the printer automatically detects an update file once the USB drive is plugged in and displays an appropriate notification.
  • Improved interchange of information between the printer’s components,
  • Improved processing of incorrect .zcodex files,
  • MAC address has been stabilized and now it is possible to change it,
  • Fixed an issue where the Continue button would disappear from the screen during material loading/unloading,
  • Improved communication of errors, instead of displaying errors #100 and #101 only,
  • Language of the menu has been changed and updated (Polish and English),
  • Added information about sources of the pause during the printing process,
  • Processing of .zcodex files is now indicated on the screen and the printing process starts faster.
  • New language added: Chinese,
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements.