Firmware Updates for Zortrax Inkspire

  • Adds three new resins to the material list: BlueCast X5, BlueCast X10 and BlueCast Original,
  • Improves reading .sl1 and .cws files,
  • Fixes the issue where the Exposure Time Calibration tool would freeze right before printing,
  • Fixes the isue where the Lamp Test would not work after printing has been finished.
  • Adds Zortrax Raydent Surgical Guide and Zortrax Raydent Crown&Bridge to the list of supported resins,
  • Introduces a new tool Exposure Time Calibration which helps to calibrate exposure time values for third-party resins,
  • Adds a new notification suggesting that the resin tank should be removed from the printer during firmware update installation,
  • Fixes an issue where the error #6 would occasionally appear during fan test,
  • Fixes an issue where a pause set in Z-SUITE would not work,
  • Fixes minor bugs,
  • Adds support for files generated in ChiTuBox and PrusaSlicer.

Please remove the resin tank during firmware installation.
It’s recommended to use the 20021 Firmware version with the latest Z-SUITE update (2.8.3).

  • Fixes an issue where the printer would occasionally omit single layers,
  • Fixes an issue with extended printing times,
  • Overall improvements in UI (material types sorting; menu texts in German),
  • Fixes an issue where it would be impossible to Wi-Fi transfer files that have a space in their name,
  • Wi-Fi networks list does not display duplicates anymore.

Please remove the resin tank during firmware installation.

  • Stability improvements.

Please remove the resin tank during firmware installation.

  • Fixes occasional problems with not adequate printing time calculation and layers delamination.
  • Fixes an issue where the pause mode would cause model delamination,
  • Fixes an issue where the resin level would not change when the arrows are pressed,
  • Transfers information about #6 unexpected error directly to the USB drive,
  • Updates language of the menu (Polish and Chinese),
  • Improves GUI workflow.
  • Model sorting is now available in a sub-menu,
  • Fixes layers count,
  • Improves GUI performance and fixes minor bugs.
  • Improves overall printing quality,
  • Adds new notifications during platform calibration,
  • Slower platform movement during the pause,
  • Language of the menu has been corrected (Chinese and Polish) and new languages have been added (Japanese, German, Spanish, French),
  • Files which are transferred from Z-SUITE 2 are now saved with the correct date,
  • Adds a notification that the Wi-Fi module is not plugged in,
  • MAC address of the Wi-Fi module is now displayed.
  • Fixes WiFI/Ethernet bugs,
  • Improves GUI performance and fixes minor bugs.

Zortrax Inkspire Firmware