Firmware Updates for Zortrax Endureal

  • Fixed an issue with Material Drying procedure when using camera preview,
  • Fixed an issue with material jams on the first layer,
  • Fixed an issue with wrong Z-SUPPORT HT material weight,
  • Support for machines with a new display,
  • Stability improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with the platform’s autocalibration
  • Added support for Z-PEEK (dual-extrusion mode),
  • Improved camera stability,
  • Notifications on the heated extruder now disappear once its temperature is save for the user,
  • Improved and optimized connection with inCloud and Z-SUITE,
  • Added a warning about an unstable connection with inCloud, after which printers do not attempt to reconnect again,
  • It is now possible to reset ethernet settings during factory reset,
  • Fixed a bug where Autocalibration procedure would freeze,
  • It is now possible to disable screensaver in the Working options menu,
  • Screensaver now shows the Sleep mode status and a single tap wakes the printer up,
  • Fixed a bug where Android application would freeze at the end of printing after choosing the Stop print option,
  • False material jam errors are now less likely to occur with Z-ESD and Z-ESD v2.
  • Added support for camera preview in inCloud,
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the screensaver would show unset time left after resuming prints after a blackout,
  • Fixed an issue where printers would not go back to the main menu from the files list view after removing the pendrive,
  • Fixed an issue where files would sometimes not be visible after being uploaded,
  • Fixed an issue where printers would display wrong data on remaining storage (inCloud).

Zortrax Endureal Firmware