Firmware Updates for Zortrax Apoller

Remember that to download and install firmware newer than 1.6.0, it is necessary to register your Zortrax device first. The registration process is simple and has to be done only once per each device. Registered products will receive authorized firmware guaranteeing the best possible performance and access to new features as soon as they are implemented. You can register your Zortrax device at:

  • Optimized fans operation
  • Optimized memory usage
  • It is now possible to perform solvent sensors calibration with an empty solvent tank,
  • Added a reference value of an empty solvent tank for solvent sensors calibration.
  • Added an end-user license agreement,
  • Introduced the registration procedure using Zortrax ID,
  • Added the new Device test option which starts automatic tests of tightness and crucial components,
  • Added a new pop-up window about the need to tighten the filler cap,
  • Added a new message about entering the condensation process,
  • Improved GUI graphics, responsiveness, efficiency and stability.
  • Added an option for exporting log files – you can now copy the log files to a USB flash drive and send them for a remote diagnosis in case of a hardware failure,
  • Improved performance of the smoothing process.
  • Introduces the Shell mode which smooths thin walls and shell parts,
  • Introduces the new smoothing intensity option: Very high,
  • Overall smoothing quality improvements,
  • The issue where the launch of the process would stall has been fixed,
  • Improves Wi-Fi connection,
  • Introduces a new safety procedure which allows users to open the chamber in the case when the device detects multiple errors,
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Smoothing quality for all settings has been improved,
  • The device now runs a tightness test after the air from the chamber is pumped out,
  • The issue where the pressure would increase has been fixed,
  • Smoothing process stability has been improved,
  • Names of stages of the process have been updated.