Firmware Updates for Zortrax Apoller

  • Added an option for exporting log files – you can now copy the log files to a USB flash drive and send them for a remote diagnosis in case of a hardware failure,
  • Improved performance of the smoothing process.
  • Introduces the Shell mode which smooths thin walls and shell parts,
  • Introduces the new smoothing intensity option: Very high,
  • Overall smoothing quality improvements,
  • The issue where the launch of the process would stall has been fixed,
  • Improves Wi-Fi connection,
  • Introduces a new safety procedure which allows users to open the chamber in the case when the device detects multiple errors,
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Smoothing quality for all settings has been improved,
  • The device now runs a tightness test after the air from the chamber is pumped out,
  • The issue where the pressure would increase has been fixed,
  • Smoothing process stability has been improved,
  • Names of stages of the process have been updated.