for MAC

For the M300 Dual and M Series Plus printers, the 2.13.0 update requires installing the 2.2.0 firmware.

M300 Dual & Inventure:

  • Printing speed has been increased for Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-PLA and Z-PETG when printing with Z-SUPPORT Premium in the dual-extrusion mode. Quality of surfaces printed with support has been improved for Z-ULTRAT Plus.
    New printing profiles available:
    Z-ULTRAT Plus: single-extrusion mode,
    Z-PLA Pro: single- and dual-extrusion mode,
    Z-ESD: dual-extrusion mode,
  • It is now possible to enable the Hybrid Support option when printing in the dual-extrusion mode. The feature has been added to the Support step in the Advanced print settings menu. Selecting this option makes the printer use the soluble material only for those layers which will adhere to the model or will be built on the model’s surface. The remaining part of support structures will be printed with the model material. This way, you can save the support material and speed up the printing. You can also select the number of layers which will be printed with the support material,
  • The Replicate .zcodex option has been added in the Preview step when printing in the dual-extrusion mode,


  • The way of generating spots that require support has been optimized. The program can now better detect little, overhanging elements and edges. This improvement provides more stability and a decreased failure rate,
  • It is now possible to add and delete support only for a selected model when preparing multiple models. Also, it is possible to select many models and generate support for all of them at once,
  • The Size correction tool has replaced the Overgrowth correction tool. It is now possible to increase or decrease your model’s dimensions by 1 or more pixels in the X or Y axis. This tool is available in the Print settings step in the Advanced menu,
  • The support settings are now saved even when leaving and going back to the Support step,

FDM devices:

  • The Only from raft option has been added to the Support step. After selecting this option, the program will generate only those support structures which do not adhere to any part of the model. This allows you to avoid surface imperfections that can appear on models once you remove the support,
  • The Replicate .zcodex option has been improved for the FDM devices: the program now generates one raft, thanks to which it is possible to fit more copies of a model on the platform,
  • The generated .zcodex files will now have a smaller size when you do not use the Replicate .zcodex option,

All devices:

  • You can now cancel the process of sending a .zcodex file to the printer in the Preview step,

Bug fixes
All devices:

  • Loading multi-element .3mf files should no longer cause problems where only first element would be loaded,
  • Loading .3mf files that have been saved in non-standard units should no longer cause problems with their position in the workspace,


  • Cases where raft would get through models have been eliminated,

Opening Z-SUITE from several user accounts simultaneously on Windows should no longer cause problems with blocking other accounts.