Preparing your printer for the first use ensures its proper functioning and makes the whole printing process easier. The following steps show how to properly unpack and set up the machine. This article also shows how to install the firmware and software as well as how to carry out the platform calibration procedure.


In the Box


The graphic shows the whole box content.


Preparing the Printer for Work


Open the box and remove the upper cushioning.


Take the 3D printer out of the box. When lifting or moving the printer, do not grab:

  • belts
  • shipping clips
  • extruder

Remove the foil.


Remove one side cover – either left or right.


Remove the fillers.


Remove the shipping clips.


Remove the foam with accessories and the Starter Kit box.


Lower the heatbed mount by pressing the places marked in the picture.


Install the side cover.


Install the build platform onto the bolts marked in the picture. Remember to install the platform with the perforated plate and its five silver calibration squares directed up.


Plug the heatbed cable into the platform and into the adapter placed in the Z-axis cover.


Install the extruder cable clamps in the holes at the back of the printer. Place the extruder cable in the clamps.


Remove the extruder top cover and plug in the extruder cable.


Plug in the power cable.


Attach the material guide to the extruder and to the material endstop.


Attach the spool holder to the back of the printer. The holder can be opened with the push-to-open mechanism. Place the material spool onto the fixed part of the holder and press the other part until you hear a click. The spool should rotate anti-clockwise.


Feed the material into the extruder through the material endstop and the material guide.


To install the firmware in your printer, download the latest firmware version from Transfer the Update.zar file to a USB flash drive and plug it into the port at the front of the device. To start the installation, select Refresh.

To calibrate the platform, select “TOOLS,” “PLATFORM” and then “CALIBRATE” from the menu. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


Firmware Update


If your printer is connected to the Internet using either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable, it automatically checks for available firmware updates every time you turn it on.

If the firmware needs to be updated, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


Z-SUITE Software Installation


The latest Z-SUITE update can be found at the Zortrax Support Center in the Downloads section.

To download and install Z-SUITE, you need enter the serial number of your printer. The serial number can be found in the printer’s menu: Settings -> About Printer, and on the nameplate at the back of the printer.


Loading the Material

To load the material, select “Material” and “Load material” from the Tools menu. Next, select the type of material which you are going to use.

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Once the printer finishes loading the material, it is ready to print. Remove material remains using tweezers.


First Print

To choose the model for printing, open the Models menu.

Select the model in the .zcodex format and select the Print button.

Next, the printer will start to heat up. Once the heating is completed, the printing process starts automatically. The screen will show the progress of the print.

Do not leave the printer unattended during the pre-print calibration.

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