for MAC
  • Added Zortrax Endureal to the list of supported devices. The available printing profiles include:
    • Z-ULTRAT Plus (single mode and dual mode with Z-SUPPORT ATP),
    • Z-PEI 9085 (single mode and dual mode with Z-SUPPORT High-Temp),
    • Z-PEI 1010 (dual mode with Z-SUPPORT High-Temp),
    • External materials selection based on the main profiles.
  • Introduced .ply as a new input file format (all printers),
  • Introduced a new shape for the Cooling and Waste Towers, which provides better stability when printing high models (M Plus Series and M300 Dual),
  • Added new printing profiles (Zortrax Inventure):
    • Z-ABS 0.30 mm (single-extrusion mode),
  • Added new printing profiles (M300 Dual):
    • Z-ABS 0.30 mm (single-extrusion mode),
    • Z-PETG 0.30 and 0.40 mm for 0.6 mm nozzle (single-extrusion mode),
    • Z-ABS + Z-SUPPORT ATP 0.30, 0.40 and 0.50 mm for 0.6 mm nozzle,
    • Z-HIPS 0.30, 0.40 and 0.50 mm for 0.6 mm nozzle (single-extrusion mode).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some cases where models would be repaired incorrectly,
  • Overall performance improvements,
  • Improved printing quality of printing profiles for:
    • Z-ULTRAT Plus + Z-SUPPORT ATP 0.15 mm for M300 Dual,
    • Z-ASA Pro 0.15 mm in single-extrusion mode for M300 Dual and Zortrax Inventure.

As of the release of Z-SUITE 2.20.0, we’ve decided to focus on improving operation of the program on the newest macOS Big Sur system. As a result, Z-SUITE for OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra won’t be supported any longer.

  • Added support for Zortrax Resin Tough (White, Grey, Clear) with 0.025, 0.05 and 0.1 mm layer thickness values (Zortrax Inkspire),


  • Added a new parameter in the Print Settings step for Inkspire – Slicing Quality with Normal and High modes. Selecting the High mode allows the printer to keep precise geometry of models (even very complicated ones), however, slicing can take more time,

M300 Dual, Inventure:
(NOTE! M300 Dual must be running firmware 2.5.4 version for new printing profiles.)

  • Added new printing profiles:
    • Z-ABS 0.15 and 0.20 mm (single-extrusion mode),
    • Z-ASA Pro 0.15, 0.20 and 0.30 mm (single-extrusion mode),
    • Z-NYLON + Z-SUPPORT ATP 0.15, 0.20 and 0.30 mm – only M300 Dual,
  • Added the new feature Cooling tower which helps to prevent single, small elements in your prints from getting overheated or deformed,

M Series Plus, M300 Dual, Inkspire:

  • The procedure of detecting collision between models in the Model step has been improved and it is now much more precise,
  • Improved the Autoarrange tool – multiple models are now positioned in the workspace in a more optimized way,
  • Improved moving models around the workspace with arrow keys in the Model step,

M Series Plus, M300 Dual:

  • Introduced .zcodex2 as a new output file format for M Series Plus and M300 Dual printers (NOTE! Updating firmware to the 2.4.3 version is necessary to process .zcodex2 files),
  • Improved slicing – it now should take less time,

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problems with overly simplified paths that would contain artifacts,
  • Fixed a bug where saving a .zcodex file again would cause problems,
  • Fixed problems with repeated slicing of the same models after changing Infill settings,
  • Fixed a bug where progress bar and notifications in the Preview step would block the workspace view,
  • Fixed a bug with saving very large files for Inkspire.
  • Improved printing quality of Druckwege Type D Dental Model resin for Inkspire,
  • Z-HIPS printing profile is no longer available for Inventure,
  • Z-ESD v2 printing profile is no longer available for Inventure and M300 Dual,
  • Fixed some of the problems where a blank screen would appear when starting Z-SUITE on macOS.

M300 Dual:

  • Added new printing profiles with 0.15, 0.20 and 0.30 mm layer thickness values:


  • The Tree type support can now be generated automatically. This support type allows users to save resin and eliminate cases where pillars of support merge with each other,

M Series Plus, M300 Dual, Inkspire:

  • Added the new option One-click Printing which enables users to quickly and easily prepare files for printing. All required steps take place automatically: the user only has to choose basic settings, such as material type or layer thickness, and choose where the generated file should be saved (hard drive or the printer’s USB drive), or only showed in the Preview. Next, the program adjusts the Rotation for the model (only for Inkspire), adds the automatic support and generates the output file.

Bug fixes:

  • M300 Dual & Inventure: Improved extrusion at the beginning and end of prints, and at the time of changing between hotends,
  • Inkspire: Fixes cases where pillars would disappear with angled surfaces when adding support manually,
  • Improved detection of cases where support pillars would collide with models,
  • Improved support generation, especially with pillars placed on the edges of the workspace,
  • M Series Plus, M300 Dual, Inventure: Improved generation of Smart bridges which are adjacent to the top layer area; Improved Smart bridges generation after rotating a model,
  • Improved fan operation when printing the first layer of supports,
  • Fixes some of the quality issues with the Shell mode.


  • Added new layer thickness values for Dreve FotoDent® model and FotoDent® guide resins – 0.1 mm,

All devices:

  • Improved the way of highlighting overhangs that require support structures – the highlight does not include layers which base directly on the platform,
  • Added a notification about the requirement to install the newest firmware update in the device,

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with tooltips in the Support step,
  • Improved translation of menu texts.
  • Added support for Z-ESD v2 for M Series Plus printers (0.09; 0.14; 0.19; 0.29 mm); M300 Dual and Inventure (0.15; 0.20 mm for dual-extrusion mode).

M Series Plus, M300 Dual, Inventure:

  • Introduced the new Contour-infill gap option – you can now change the space that is between outer contours of a model and outer contours of infill,


  • Improved default support settings – adhesion between models and support has been increased,

All devices:

  • minor bug fixes.
  • Introduces new features and modes for Inventure – the device can now print in both single- and dual-extrusion modes; you can edit supports in the single extrusion mode; new materials are now supported; it is possible to load materials both from the cartridge and from the spool, it is now possible to adjust raft and first layer settings (.stl files for special spool holders are available at: Zortrax Library).
  • Improves the optimal rotation angle in the Rotation Optimization tool for resin printers,
  • Adds new profiles for the 0.6 mm nozzle in the single extrusion mode with Z-ULTRAT (M300 Dual),
  • It is now possible to start a print even when the .zcodex settings do not match the loaded material or the installed nozzle,
  • Adds the Antialiasing option in the External LCD Printer menu for the .photon file format,
  • The preview of .zcodex now runs more smoothly in the Preview step,
  • Bug fixes:
    • empty infill should no longer occur with ABS-based materials with 0.39 layer thickness on the M300,
    • loaded external materials should no longer be displayed as unknown in the My Devices panel with M Series Plus printers,
    • saving projects for Inkspire in the Print Settings step should no longer cause problems,
    • Wi-Fi connection should no longer cause the program to freeze when switching tabs, performing actions, or using the Auto-arrange option,
    • slicing time for models with a lot of details has been shortened (FDM printers),
    • keyboard shortcuts Shift + 3 and Shift + 4 should no longer cause problems.

Z-SUITE 2 for macOS is stable only for versions up to 10.14 (Mojave). When using newer versions, Z-SUITE 2 may not run as efficient.

  • Improves the overall printing quality on M300 Dual,
  • Improves the printing quality with Zortrax Raydent Surgical Guide and Raydent Crown&Bridge resins (layer 0.1 mm),
  • Fixes an issue with opening files with a double-click (Windows),
  • Improves retraction parameters while printing without raft with External materials (M Series printers),
  • Improves saving parameters of .photon and .cbddlp formats for External LCD Printers,
  • Fixes minor bugs.


for MAC
  • Introduces minor fixes of the print quality for Z-PLA PRO.
  • Fixes an issue with removing the raft from Z-PLA Pro prints and introduces minor fixes of the print quality (0.09 and 0.14 layer thickness),
  • Improves the print quality for Z-ULTRAT Plus (Inventure).
  • Adds support for Z-ULTRAT Plus and Z-SEMIFLEX (Inventure),
  • Introduces new Layer Thickness for Z-ASA Pro and Z-HIPS – 0.09 (M Series printers),
  • Introduces new Layer Thickness for Z-ULTRAT – 0.29 (M200),
  • Introduces Shell infill for PLA-based materials (External Materials).
  • Quicker slicing process of complicated models,
  • New Print Quality type: Draft (for Z-ABS 0,14 and 0,19, and Z-HIPS 0,19),
  • Increased density of Maximum Infill for Z-HIPS and Z-ABS materials.

Other files

Mono Framework for Z-SUITE on Mac
Z-SUITE Demo for Windows