This category provides basic instructions on downloading the program and navigating through the program’s main functions. It also includes a list of keyboard shortcuts that allow easy operation.

Welcome Screen

The Z-SUITE 2.0 welcome screen shows the menu for selecting the printer model. Each printer is represented by a photo and a short list of the most important technical specifications.

You can quickly open the previously added files from the list in the RECENT FILES section available in the menu on the left.

All files that you download from the Zortrax Library are stored in the Z-SUITE FOLDER available in the menu on the left.


You can easily access basic Z-SUITE 2.0 functions on the welcome screen. On the main bar at the top of the screen there is the File menu where you can begin working on a new project (in a new tab), load a model or a .zcode or choose a file from the list of recently open files.

You can also access the Zortrax Library and browse through available models.

On the main menu bar there is also the Help section through which you can Report a bug or submit a Feature request.

Most importantly, you can select the printer model which you are going to use on the welcome screen. Once you select the printer, you can add files using the drag and drop option or using the “+” icon, or Add files to print button.


At any point of preparing a given model you can add a new tab and either begin working on a completely different project or try other print settings for the same model. As with any website browser, you can add a tab by clicking the “+” icon next to the already open tab.

It’s easy to switch between multiple tabs and, most importantly, they function independently so it’s possible for you to work with several 3D printers at the same time.

Step by Step

The whole process of preparing a model is divided into four individual steps: MODEL, ANALYSIS, SUPPORT and PREVIEW.

The MODEL step allows you to change the model’s basic settings, such as its position, size or arrangement in the workspace view. You can also move the workspace view around the screen and rotate or change it to a different one.
In the ANALYSIS step, the Z-SUITE 2.0 checks whether the design has thin walls which may not be printed at all due to minimum wall thickness requirements of Zortrax printers. If thin walls are detected in the model, they will be marked red in the preview. This step is optional – if you’re sure your model is well-designed, you can move on to the next step.
The SUPPORT step allows you to manipulate the position and even the amount of the support structures on your 3D models. You can also adjust normal and advanced printing settings in this step.
NOTE! If you are preparing a model for the Inventure, there are three instead of four steps. The support is always generated automatically. Printing settings menu (Normal and Advanced) is available in the Analysis step.
In the PREVIEW step, the program slices the model and displays the ready-to-print .zcode.

Each step is described in detail in the next sections of this manual: Model, Analysis, Support, Preview.

Keyboard shortcuts

This section lists keyboard shortcuts which you can use with the Z-SUITE 2.0 to make your work easier and faster:

Left mouse button (pressed) Camera rotate
Right mouse button (pressed) Move view
Middle mouse button (pressed) Zoom
Mouse wheel up Zoom
Mouse wheel down Unzoom
CTRL + S Save
CTRL + O Import
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
DEL Delete
CTRL + A Select all
CTRL + Q Selected objects
CTRL + W Move
CTRL + E Scale
CTRL + R Rotate
CTRL + H Center all
CTRL + T Split
CTRL + NUM 8 Top
CTRL + NUM 4 Left
CTRL + NUM 5 Front
CTRL + NUM 6 Right
CTRL + NUM 2 Bottom

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