Z-ABS juice is a mixture of Z-ABS and acetone, which helps with the problem of warping. If your 3D print, especially a big one, does not stick to the platform or if the raft is detaching from the platform while printing, prepare Z-ABS juice and apply a thin coat on the perforated plate. 

Things to Prepare

Things to Prepare

To prepare Z-ABS juice, you will need:

  • a metal or glass container,
  • acetone,
  • Z-ABS Pure White (you can also use the support or raft remains)
  • a pair of pliers,
  • safety gloves.

Cutting the Material

Cut the material into pieces and put them in the container.

Wear safety gloves.

Filling up the Container

Pour acetone into the container.

Use 200ml of acetone for 50g of Z-ABS. Stir the mixture once in a while.

Acetone is highly flammable. Do not use open fire near the liquid. Prepare the juice in a well ventilated area.
Ready Z-ABS Juice

Ready Z-ABS Juice

After ~8h the material should melt and form milk-like slurry.

Z-ABS juice has to be applied on the heated platform. Turn on the printer and wait until the plate heats up. Then, using a piece of cloth, apply few layers of Z-ABS juice onto the perforated plate.

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