In case of problems with extrusion (if loading the material is impossible) or the extruder motor (it makes a clicking sound), or if there is a material deficiency in your model, follow the steps from this manual. Cleaning the nozzle is a way to keep it in perfect condition and extend its lifespan.

Unloading the Material

From the menu choose “Material” and then “Unload the material” option. The extruder should start to heat up automatically. Once the extruder is hot, the motor will start to unload the material.

Scrubbing the Nozzle

Take the spatula from the Starter Kit and gently scrub the material remains from the nozzle.

Nozzle Removal

Unscrew the nozzle counterclockwise (when viewed from below). Use the nozzle key from the Starter Kit box. Removing the nozzle should take place while the extruder is still hot. When the nozzle is loose, take it out using pliers.

Unplugging the Power Cable

Turn off the printer and unplug the power cable. Wait about 15 minutes and let the machine cool down.

Cleaning the Nozzle

If you were printing with Z‑GLASS / Z‑PETG / Z‑PCABS, print a small-sized object using Z‑ABS. This will help to extrude Z‑GLASS / Z‑PETG / Z‑PCABS remains from the nozzle.

Using the pliers, place the nozzle in a container filled with acetone.

Make sure that the nozzle is cold before putting it into the container.

Removing the Nozzle from the Container

After 8-10 hours take the nozzle out of the container with pliers.

Nozzle Assembly

Install the nozzle in its place in the hotend and screw it clockwise using the nozzle key (when viewed from below).

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