Software Updates for Windows


Recommended version

  • New layer height – 0,09mm for Z-PETG (Inventure)
  • New layer height – 0,09mm for Z-PLA Pro (M Series)
  • Infill type: Shell is now available for Z-PLA Pro
  • Minor fixes (Inventure)
  • Minor fixes for materials (PLA Pro, ASA Pro)
  • Fix for Z Axis dimension issues (M300)
  • Fixed issues with Support Lite
  • Introduces the seam location preview
  • Introduces the separate components of a .zcode preview
  • Improves the split object menu
  • Adds measurements in millimeters in the resize menu
  • Adds mirror flips in the rotate menu
  • Allows exporting split models as separate files
  • Improves model rotating
  • Improves support generating
  • Improves calculation of the printing time
  • Fixes not working shortcuts
  • Adds information on firmware update (when available)

Z-Suite Software

  • Added printing profile for new material – Z-PCABS
  • Added possibility to print bottom layer while using “shell” infill
  • Added 0.29mm layer for Z-GLASS for “shell” infill
  • Improved transparency of the Z-GLASS
  • Improved printing speed using “high speed” option – average model will be printed up to 30% faster
  • Improved pause visualization
  • Automatic hardware recognition
  • Minimal required fimware version is 0.0.8 due to performance problems while using “high speed” option
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes

Zortrax Model Library

  • Private messages
  • 3D files preview (stl and obj) on the project card
  • Infinite scroll instead of the standard way of loading the projects
  • Ability to add files of txt and pdf format as attachments to the project
  • Ability to crop photos while adding the project
  • “Report abuse” form available on the project card
  • Search engine and sorting up available in Local Files
  • Added notification panel (likes, messages, comments)
  • Added ability to follow users and track their activity
  • Cosmetic and performance changes

Other files