Software Updates for Windows


Open Beta

New features:

  • Redesigned and improved the Print Settings menu
  • New infill density range – 10 – 90%, increased by 10%
  • New type of infill: Solid – equals 100% infill
  • Introduced the First Layer Gap option – available in the Print Settings menu (External Materials only). Users can control the gap between the raft and the actual model
  • Reintroduced the Smart Bridges and Support Lite options (
  • Changed the display program messages – they are more readable, appear at the bottom of the screen, and disappear after five seconds
  • Automatic support improvements – supporting sharp edges
  • Easier support removal from large, flat surfaces (
  • Quicker slicing process of complicated models
  • Improved models sorting in the Recent Files
  • Improved zcode preview
  • Changed minimum screen resolutions – down to 1000×680 px

Bug fixes:

  • Improved analysis and thin walls detection process
  • Fixed overwriting of the existing zcode file (
  • Fixed displaying the application bar when maximizing the Z-SUITE window (
  • Fixed displaying a model at the preview stage (disappearing models) (
  • Improved saving of customized profiles (

Recommended version

  • Quicker slicing process of complicated models
  • New Print Quality type: Draft (for Z-ABS 0,14 and 0,19, and Z-HIPS 0,19)
  • Increased density of Maximum Infill for Z-HIPS and Z-ABS materials
  • Fix for Z Axis dimension issues (M300)
  • Fixed issues with Support Lite
  • Introduces the seam location preview
  • Introduces the separate components of a .zcode preview
  • Improves the split object menu
  • Adds measurements in millimeters in the resize menu
  • Adds mirror flips in the rotate menu
  • Allows exporting split models as separate files
  • Improves model rotating
  • Improves support generating
  • Improves calculation of the printing time
  • Fixes not working shortcuts
  • Adds information on firmware update (when available)

Other files